Welcome to the HOW TO DRESS FOR YOUR BODY course!


Start: 2nd of October

Length:  4 weeks, 2-3 short and sharp lessons per week

Format: pre-recorded videos, summary articles and quizzes

Flexibility: watch only for your body type or for all

Live Q&A session with Lena at the end

Progress at your own pace: access to all materials for 6 months

Personal Support from Lena if something is not clear


Module 1: Discover your body type

- Lesson 1. Why to Know Your Body Type

- Lesson 2. How to Find Out Your Body Type

Module 2: Understanding Proportions

Learn the logic of creating a proportional look and why items work or don't work for you

- Lesson 3: Fundamentals and Proportions of the Right Fit

- Lesson 4: Fit Fundamentals and Colours, Prints, Fabrics.

- Lesson 5: Choosing the Right Length

Module 3: Picking the Right Styles. 

Choose garments that suit your individual body type.

- Lesson 6: Choosing Tops

- Lesson 7: Choosing Bottoms

- Lesson 8: Choosing Dresses

- Lesson 9: Choosing Coats

- Lesson 10: Right Silhouette

Module 4: Master the art of visual body correction

How to highlight your assets smooth over areas you don't want to accentuate look taller and slimmer!

- Lesson 11: Tips for Visual Correction of Different Body Areas 
(Belly, Shoulders, Hips, Bust, Arms, Neck, Calves, and more)

- Lesson 12: Visual Correction to Look Taller & Slimmer (Tips for Petite & Everyone)

Live Q&A session with Lena

Digital Cheatsheats

Get a summary of the course with examples for your body type as a handy document on your phone - check during shopping or dressing up